Bimala Spices Food Industries (BSF) welcomes you to their world of spices, special blends, table top sprinklers with exotic flavours and related food products that will enrich diverse food preparations with rich flavours and mouth watering taste.

Bimala Spices Food Industries Private Limited (BSF) has been in the business of processing and marketing spices and related food products since 1988 and is an active member of the Spices Board of India.

The products of BSF are Agmark certified for quality. They are processed and packed for market using best in business operating procedures and packing technology to provide optimum freshness and self life, while retaining the authenticity of flavours.

BSF was promoted by Shri Nandakishore Goel along with his son Shri Manoj Goel, who shared his passion for spices, their aromas and the fascination of their contribution not only to the development of culinary delights in global cuisines but also for bringing diverse cultures from far off corners of the world to interact with one another in last few centuries.

Belonging to a top miller's family of India, the Goel father and son team had their roots firmly embedded in food industry and had a profound understanding of the intricacies of food business and the diverse variables that play within and outside its business environment. Thus venturing into the business of processing, blending and marketing high quality premium grade spices in an organized manner and making it a success was only natural for them.

Together they brought BSF into existence with a mission to....

"provide customers with high quality premium grade whole ,processed and blended spices (Masalas) produced in a carefully controlled contamination free production environment and packed for optimum shelf-life, freshness and flavour preservation with commitment, care and concern while generating value for customers through continuous innovation and research."

Over the years BSF has developed a product range encompassing over 95 products which are classified under 5 broad categories as shown in the adjoining box. All the products from BSF are used, enjoyed and appreciated by a very large group of consumers across the demographic and cultural spectrum not only in India but also overseas.

At BSF it is a continuous endeavor to improve the processing systems / technology and create innovating products for ease of application (As required by the changing lifestyles) in kitchens around the world and keep providing the little ingredient that makes a world of difference to gourmets of fine cuisine.


BSF offers premium grade of whole spices originating from India. They are procured at source and packed in BSF for preservation of authentic flavour and extract optimum shelf life.


BSF offers a wide range of prime grade pure powdered spices primarily of Indian origin produced with exceptional care to preserve their authentic flavour
and freshness.


BSF produces blended spices (Masalas) that can be used specifically in different Indian cuisines. Different spices and herbs are blended in exacting proportions to provide the desired flavours in the dish.

Instant Masalas are also offered for quick preparations.


A distinctly different formulation of spices and herbs go into production of diverse BSF sprinklers which are used by gourmets for seasoning their food as per their liking.


Apart from spices, BSF also supplies a variety of flours and other food items.